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Veterinary Services are provided through Dr. Karen Pidick, DVM and Dr. Jeanette Roberts, DVM.   Both of these experienced veterinarians are independent contractors under contract with In The Pink Mobile Pet Care, LLC.  This allows them to practice veterinary medicine exactly the way they feel is best for their patients without regard to what either a corporation or practice owner veterinarian decides is the way to approach a certain problem.  As In The Pink provides all of the management, inventory, scheduling, etc.  the veterinarians are free to worry only about patient care.  We have kept things small so that we are not concerned about paying for a that huge piece of expensive equipment that is only going to be used once a week - but all of the appointments have to help pay for it.   There are times when you need that full service veterinary facility and Dr. Pidick and Dr. Roberts will not hesitate to refer to Wilson Veterinary Hospital or elsewhere when needed.    However, you do not need to be concerned about helping us pay for all of the overhead with each appointment or worry that we will hesitate to refer you in the instance that more extensive care is warranted just to keep the case (and money) in house.  Just as your primary care physician would likely not dream of treating your cancer or ongoing dermatalogical condition - but would refer you to the appropriate specialists - your pet will be treated in the same manner.    Our veterinarians are not attempting to be "jacks-of -all-trades but master of none" in their fields.   They are caring, compassionate, experienced and insightful general practitioners that concentrate their efforts in routine preventative care, general medicine, and palliative/hospice care with a soundly common sense approach to your and your pet's needs.  

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